Murder, Mystery & Mayhem

| March 14, 2018


For more than 40 years, the Orange County Fictionaires has been a creative home to dozens of professional writers including bestselling authors Elizabeth George, T. Jefferson Parker, Debra Holland, and National Book Award winner Neal Shusterman.
In this book, you will discover a collection of fine fiction crafted by some of Orange County’s finest authors. There’s talent, yes, as well as skilled storytelling. But there’s also something more: A spark of exhilaration that comes from the encouragement and enthusiasm of our fellow Fictionaires.
Ten twisted tales guaranteed to keep your night-light on and the pages turning, including:
Die Laughing, by Terry Black
If he laughs, he’ll die.
Gesundheit, by Beth Black
Cancer’s been cured, and tobacco’s safe to sell. But these sexy cigarettes can still send a man to hell.
Strong Armed, by Rhondi Ann
Is a human more or less than the sum of his parts?
That Twin Thing, by Lisanne Harrington
During a zombie apocalypse, 1950s teenager Patty and her twin brother exact revenge on the girl who stole Patty’s beau.
The Postmortem, by Cary Christopher
When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or at least dispose of the bodies.
Last of the Skip Jack, by Michelle Knowlden
Can a pound of smoked fish change history? Stay tuna-ed.
Fat—A Ghost Story, by Greta Boris
What happens when fat takes on a life of its own?
A Study in Sorrel, by Michael H. Payne
If there’s one thing the “many worlds” theory  of quantum mechanics assures us, it’s that somewhere in the cosmos, a universe exists that’s a cross between My Little Pony and Sherlock Holmes.
A Murder Brewing, by Lori Herter
A picturesque church hides secrets, lies, and intrigue.
Seadrift, by Kristy Tate
Laguna Beach, a place of perpetual blue summer skies, artist enclaves, and lazy sandy shores, has another side fused with scandal, the counterculture and something called Orange Sunshine.


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