He’s Gone Now What?: How to Get Over a Breakup and Prepare to Love Again

| March 17, 2018

He's Gone Now What?: How to Get Over a Breakup and Prepare to Love Again Book Cover

I Can Help You Stop Feeling Like Crap! Get a Plan to Recover from Your Breakup from a Life Coach!

This book is written for women only. You gals have specific stuff happening inside you and the last thing you need is a “one size fits all” coed read.
You feel like total crap, I get it, and you need some motivation to get you out of bed. I can supply that in spades.

  • Understand what is happening inside you
  • Process these feelings
  • Grieve but with a time limit
  • Follow my unorthodox plan
  • Come out the other side a new woman, ready to kick some male butt!

You have, in the clutches of your nicely manicured hands, the keys to recovering from this devastating breakup and then returning with a vengeance!

Your friends and family are telling you to get back on the horse – not to be afraid – to forget that jerk and meet someone new. I agree with all of that, but I don’t agree with the timing. Heck, you may still be in shock – the last thing you can think about is another guy.

Before you can get back out there, you need to process the breakup. There are many things going on in your mind and body that you need to address. These effects are hampering your progress.

Inside you will Get my 14 Survival Tactics

Hi I’m Gregg. I have sold a quarter million books. I am a dating coach AND a life coach. This is a great advantage for you. The life coach will get you motivated and the dating coach will prepare you for love again. You are in good hands. I’m the guy who actually talks to his lady readers through his books and doesn’t just sell you a copy and wish you the best! My email resides inside the book. I am surrounded by (and coach) women psychologists and psychiatrists that help me understand you too.

As a bonus, you get my best selling eBook, Own Your Tomorrow 14 Steps to Prepare for Love. I know you are not ready to love again yet, but trust me, you will be after this read!

This Breakup Recovery Book is split into three phases:

  • Phase 1 explains to you everything that’s going on in your mind and body and gives you the strategies to counter these things.
  • Phase 2 takes you through the process of healing from the breakup. You’ll find strategies for proceeding through your pain into a healthier, more independent and ready for a relationship you.
  • Phase 3, you are going to move forward. We’re going to examine a few topics of importance like where happiness comes from, setting boundaries and how to know when you’re really in love, just to name a few.

This is your time, while you are single, to pull yourself back together into a stronger, confident woman who chooses great men! Gone are the days of being grateful to be chosen by a man who turns out to be a loser.

Rest assured, I plan to take it slow, but I am your coach and I am going to push you, just a bit at times, to help you recover and become the best version of you possible!

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About the Author:

Gregg Michaelsen is a #1 best-selling author of more than 20 dating advice for women books and life-coaching books. He coaches men and women on how to become more confident in both their ‘regular’ lives and their dating lives.

Gregg has a unique connection to the more than 250,000 readers who have purchased his books. Readers quickly discover him to be not only responsive to their questions but eager to help. He has devoted his life to understanding men and women and what comprises a successful relationship so he can guide his readers to the holy grail of relationships – the 80-year old couple sitting on a park bench, still holding hands, still in love after 50 years!

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