Eye Of The Storm (The Storm Cycle Book 1)

| March 16, 2018


It All Began With The Sound Of Thunder. A Thunder That Came In The Night. A Thunder That Changed The World.

The world as we knew it ended. Cities crumbled. Nations vanished. In a world with no more society, there’s only one thing left.

The Storm.

The Storm that destroyed humanity and left only a handful of survivors looking for a way out. Inside the Storm’s Eye, the only inhabited area in an unsafe world, young Aiden dreams of something more. He wishes for a world beyond scrounging for scraps and fighting for temporary land. Little does he know his wish is about to become reality.

A Mysterious Girl With A Message.

Everything Aiden knows is about to come crashing down. Just like that airplane he discovered. Nobody he knew could fly that plane. Nobody but that girl hidden within. Something about her, she had a mystique that intrigued Aiden. She spoke in an unknown tongue, but her message was quite clear. There IS a safer place, there IS a safe land.

Beyond The Storm.

But in order to find it they have to go out in the Storm. It will not be easy. They will need the help of the Stormwalkers, a mysterious group of nomads who choose to live in the Storm, to show them the way. But the people of the Eye do not trust these mysterious beings. They may not be what they seem. They may not even be human…
As the expedition ventures beyond the wastelands and into the Storm they will be confronted with dangers unlike anything they’ve ever seen, and wonders unlike anything they could ever imagine.

Welcome to the world of the Storm, where the only way out is through…

In the 1st book of The Storm Cycle science fiction / adventure novels, author R.K. King takes us on a breath-taking journey through a post-apocalyptic world that has no laws, no safety and no hope. But by following the path of Aiden, you can embark on a unique adventure through faith, friendship and hardship.

Eye Of The Storm is an instant sci-fi / post-apocalyptic classic that redefines the genre and sets you on an emotional roller-coaster with one ultimate goal: survival.

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