Amish Romance: Amish Fire: A Sweet Christian Romance (The Amish of Lawrence County, PA)

| March 18, 2018


An Amish Sweet Christian Romance Short Story suitable for all ages,
by the author of the #1 Best-Selling Sadie and Samuel 4-in-1 Novel
and the #1 Best-Selling Patchwork Friends: The Christmas Quilt.

A fire burned that could bring them closer, or drive them apart. Rebecca and Jason are young and in love, but he is Englisch and she is Amish. His mother wants him to finish high school. Her parents are terrified she is seeing an Englisher, especially since the rash of barn burnings in Amish Country. Amish Fire is a short tale of forbidden love…

As the oldest of eight children, sixteen-year-old Rebecca Hostetler has responsibilities in her Amish household. Her Mamm is not happy when she went out riding with “that Englischer boy” Jason, but Rebecca is afraid she was falling in love with him. Her Mamm is sure this is the fire of lust, not the fire of love. She entreats her daughter to pray and find God’s Will for her.

Instead, Rebecca tries to explain to Jason what it means to be Amish, but he gets angry when she talks about her faith. Christian is Christian, isn’t it? When she doesn’t explain, he stops coming around the farm.

Rebecca wonders, Were they over? Mayhap she should take up with Samuel Shrop who has been asking her to take a buggy ride, but how could she when her heart still belongs to Jason?
Amish Fire is a tale of faith and hope in a world of sin.

The Amish of Lawrence County series is set in Western Pennsylvania, where the Amish celebrate God’s Grace with a love of the land and a life of simplicity and faith.

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