eMOTION: Hard Wired

| March 18, 2018


2015 Kindle Book Award Semi-Finalist for Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Marion Dent is a sociopath for hire, immune to emotional-tampering technology known as eTech. Kasumi “Fifth” Takeda is a thirteen-year old girl with a unique talent to force her emotions on those around her. When Dent fails to fulfill a contract to kidnap Fifth, choosing instead to become her guardian, it puts them on the run from those who wish Dent killed for his betrayal and Fifth locked up in a laboratory.
As they struggle to understand each other, they receive a mysterious text message promising them answers about Fifth’s past and way to secure their future. The message brings them out of hiding and leads them to a town plagued by a sudden string of murders and supposed suicides, thrusting them back into the deadly machinations of those hunting them. Each with reasons of their own, they must find a way to work together as they risk their lives to determine if the deaths are eTech-related.
But Dent soon finds that Fifth’s talent interferes with his ability to be an emotionless killer, as she tries to keep him from slipping too far over the edge. If they can accomplish what they believe they were sent there to do, they may be one step closer to finding a way to give Fifth a chance at a normal life — and allow Dent to focus on why they specifically were chosen for this task, and who is really behind the message that started it all.

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