The Loom of Sorrows

| March 19, 2018


Earth was dying. Clouds of blood and lightning killed billions, squeezing humanity to the equator and extinction. There was only one place to go: a planet named Joshua 20.

It was a desert world of scalding steam and crushing ice. A few minutes under the giant suns would burn you to ash. A few seconds in the darkest night would freeze you solid.

Humanity burrowed underground and turned on itself. People became brutal, cruel, selfish. One man escaped that, became selfless, led humanity back home, and then disappeared.

Nobody knows the reason why.

For two hundred years, the memory of that reason lay hidden in the sand like a shard of glass. Uncovered by accident, it buried itself in the brain of its discoverer.

He has two weeks to understand it, to unlock the life and motives of its owner, or it will kill him.

From Matthew Kagle, the bestselling author of Pinhole.

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