Days Too Dark

| March 21, 2018


Mars watches over the camp and guards the caravans as they make their way through the ruins of Brisbane, the last city in Australia to fall. The pay is terrible and the threat of death hangs over him constantly, but it’s basically what he did before the world ended. Despite his best efforts to bury himself in solitude and his work, all too often Mars finds himself in the eye of the storm. He doesn’t mind though; anything to stay busy and keep his mind off things.

But when he’s wounded and left bedridden, there’s nothing else for Mars to do but stop and confront himself and the things he’s done. Years of facing off against sickness, misery, violence and death have done nothing to prepare him for his toughest fight yet — being helpless and trapped with his own thoughts.

Designed as an in-world journal, ‘Days Too Dark’ is a first-hand account of the fall of the old world and the events that transpired after. With beautiful illustrations and a collection of artefacts from before and after the world ended, ‘Days Too Dark’ takes readers through the collapse of Brisbane city while exploring the shattered psyche of a broken man.

If you like post-apocalyptic stories like ‘Mad Max’, ‘The Book of Eli’, ‘The Road’ or ‘The Last of Us’ then you’ll love the grim desperation of ‘Days Too Dark’.

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