Dad Jokes? I Think You Mean Rad Jokes!

| March 22, 2018


Dad jokes. They’re not regular jokes. In fact, if a dad jokes make you bust out laughing, then there is something wrong. Dad jokes are intended to be bad. Eyerolling, groaning bad. Dad jokes are clever and dad jokes are punny, but dad jokes are mostly for dad’s enjoyment, not the people around him.

Here is a list of groups who probably won’t be into dad jokes so much:

  • moms
  • aunts
  • pets
  • waitstaff
  • cashiers
  • Oprah’s book club members
  • teachers
  • carnival workers
  • royalty

But hey, if you’re in one of the above-mentioned groups and get dad jokes and love dad jokes then forget all that. Why not pick up a copy of Dad Jokes? I Think You Mean Rad Jokes! today and share some dad jokes with the victims nearest you.

How did the blacksmith get out of the haunted house? He made a bolt for the door!

That one is for free!

Dad jokes? I think you mean rad jokes!

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