Into the Formless

| March 23, 2018


Within each of us is the universal consciousness that makes all of life possible. Unfortunately, most people never discover this deeper aspect of themselves. The truth about who they are, and about life itself, is a mystery they never solve.

For thousands of years, saints have illuminated the truth in various ways for the benefit of others. Yet these spiritual teachings were written in a different era, for people with different languages, cultures, and religious upbringings. As such, they can be difficult for the modern reader to assimilate. Into the Formless is a distillation of enlightened teachings that will make the deeper truth more accessible to you.

For most people, the divine is an idea in their mind rather than a reality that they can experience directly. This book offers more than just information about the divine. It provides practical instructions on how to touch the divine. Many spiritual practices, taken from enlightened teachings, are described in detail. They will empower you to go beyond a simple meditation practice. You will learn how to remain in touch with the deeper reality throughout the day. And you will discover the source of true happiness.

One of the most challenging aspects of the spiritual journey is deciding whom to trust for guidance. The people who claim to know the truth are usually only pointing to it from their own limited perspective. This book includes a list of enlightened teachers whom you can rely on for guidance. They will help you find and progress along your own unique spiritual path.

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