Learn How to Paint, The Easy Way: With practical tips and on-line material

| March 24, 2018


Easy to read and to the point; a concise book with what you need to know to start painting. More than the pure theory that you can see in traditional painting books, this book contains practical explanations and on-line material so you can start with your brushes and get your own painting done in no time. You will be surprised on what are you capable to do with little practice. Learn How to Paint, The Easy Way, contains step-by-step material so you can paint along accompanied by basic explanations so you can easily understand the terminology you are going to hear or read on more advanced live training or painting books.
You are going to enjoy this journey into the painting world, and this book will make your path much easier. You can paint!, you just need to give it a chance, you will be surprised on what you can do!


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