Codename Cupcake

| March 24, 2018


“…a deftly craftedand absolutely entertaining satire that reveals the author to be anextraordinarily gifted and original storyteller with an impressive gift for witand humor.” -Midwest Book Review
Molly Peterson, frazzled momof two, takes her first day “off” from full-time parenting to exploreNew York City. When she witnesses a crime in progress, her mommy instincts kickin and she grabs the gun out of the would-be-robber’s hand. The incident isrecorded by an onlooker and the “hero mom” video goes viral. Mollybecomes an instant, albeit reluctant, celebrity. But the real fun begins whenshe is zapped by an “enhancement ray” and recruited by a super-spyagency to infiltrate the PTA at her son’s elementary school, solve a great mysteryand prevent a potential calamity. Molly, a staunch PTA avoider, must now joinevery committee to spend as much time as possible in the building. Molly iscompletely on board for the spying…
 it’s the PTA she dreads. 
Codename Cupcake is quitesimply hilarious. This sharp satire is fast paced and funny with the underlyingmessage that life really is better when you have super powers.

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