Zeke Yoder vs. the Singularity

| March 24, 2018


When Zeke Yoder’s grandmother is bitten by a Genetically Modified Rat, the Amish teen is propelled into a chaotic future. From his Iowa farm, Zeke travels down hallucinatory highways and through elaborate rat tunnels to save his grandmother and find new land for his people. In a world of conspiracies and counter-conspiracies, and faced with the new government’s anti-Amish policies, Zeke is never quite sure who he can trust. In a series of adventures with mutants, cyborgs, robots, clones, and intelligent rodents, in a world changing so fast he can barely make sense of it, Zeke will be forced to question everything he has believed and the very nature of reality in the 21st century.

There is a newly installed anti-human government and ferocious resistance to that government. There are journeys through elaborate rat tunnels, paranoid scientists in underground bunkers, solar-powered mutants with unconventional desires, and anti-technology terrorists who behead robots. There are love triangles and catastrophes. There are new kinds of consciousness and new kinds of meat. There are seedy streets in the decaying cities that crashed after the “new meat” boom. Zeke discovers himself in the middle of larger conflicts than a poor Amish boy is prepared for, with stakes for the country, the world, perhaps the cosmos and life itself. A mind-bending dystopian science fiction that merges the metaphysical speculation of Philip K Dick with the good clean fun of Amish romance and bromance.

This is the first in a series of five books following the adventures of Zeke, his childhood friend Leahbelle, and his cyborg buddy Gonzalo. The second book is Leahbelle Beachy and the Beings of Light. The third is Gonzalo Vega and the Portal Down Below.

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