God is Weary: Tragic and Humorous Short Tales

| March 25, 2018


God sighs and says to Peter, “I am on the edge of a
breakdown. I need a holiday. Now.”

Peter looks at this man with silver wavy hair and beard and
replies, “No can do, man.”

“I am not a man, Peter. You know this, and I am asking for a
break. I am exhausted, and can’t think straight. People are unhappy, always
complaining, asking without giving, and I can’t stand this anymore. It’s an
endless nightmare.”

“Sorry, God, but that’s what you have signed for.”

“I haven’t signed for this at all! Nobody asked me if I
wanted this job, I was born into it. It is not fair, and I demand a break now!”

In a universe where humans ignore what defines humanity and
mothers fail to love their offspring, there is a weary God watching over.
Children catapulted in the adulthood way too early. Unfit parents who blame them
for their broken lives. Dysfunctional families, abusive relationships,
siblings in distress, humans adrift. But also humorous stories with God, Peter
and Steve as protagonists. Nudism and communism. Tears and laughter.

Only for those who cherish emotions and real-life stories.


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