I Revolution: A Book of Radical Self-Love

| March 27, 2018


Unlock the key to true happiness with this inspirational guide to a radical new way of looking at self-love.

Without supply, you cannot meet demand. Without money of your own, you cannot give it to others in need. Without food in the pantry, you cannot feed the hungry. Why, then, do you so often insist on giving love to everyone around you without first taking time to build reserves of that love inside yourself?

Helping others is a noble cause, but it can wreak havoc on the psyche without a deliberate focus on yourself. Author Lisa Kang knows from experience the cost of philanthropy when self-care is neglected in favor of meeting others’ needs. Burnout, exhaustion, and a nervous breakdown lie at the end of that road. After experiencing all three, Kang made a choice. She paved a new road to philanthropy, and it’s one that starts at the source: self-love.

I Revolution challenges the notion that love is painful, that self-love is synonymous with selfishness, and that people or circumstances can be viewed in simple, black-and-white terms. It redefines unconditional love and teaches us that we’re worthy of meeting our own needs and of love in its purest, most painless form.


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