Angel’s Fantasy: A Box Set Of Greatest Romance Hits

| March 28, 2018


Lust. Love. Lace.
It’s every woman’s fantasy.
Only now…its reality.

One look at those hips and I’m hard.
One lick of those curves and I’m hooked.
I’m all in. All the way.

But is she into me?
Is she using me? Or here to stay?
Pretty little minx in the silk YSL.
Take off that mink and see if she wants to play.

A billionaire like me? I bestride the globe.
I go through women like I go through shirts.
Loving and leaving is after all what I do best.

But how does it go when two players play?
When they circle each other, who’s the predator?
And who’s the prey?

Hold onto your panties, ladies.
This ride with Gabrielle…it’s about to get crazy.

Author’s Note:

Angel’s Fantasy is the final joint release between Alexis Angel and Lana Angel and includes a collection of their Greatest Hits along with a never before released novella, Virgin Bride.

Whether you’re rediscovering these greatest hits or reading them for the first time, come along for a wild and crazy fantasy with:

Head Hunter
The Virgin Market
Buyer’s Market
Boxers & Briefs
Profit & Lace
Mr. President
Man Chaser

Don’t miss the very best of Naughty Angel Publishing in this limited-edition final collection of the best of the Angels.

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