A Girl Between

| September 17, 2013


‘A Girl Between’ begins the four-part “War of the Witches” series, a paranormal tale of witchcraft, reincarnation and the ever raging battle between good and evil.

In Part 1, the life of 16 year old Tess changes drastically when her abusive step-uncle dies under mysterious circumstances. Forced to move to her grandmother’s in the old town of Woodley, Tess soon feels at home – perhaps a bit too soon. Woodley evokes strange feelings of familiarity, as if she’s lived there before. As she begins making friends, Tess also encounters a number of enemies who wish to do her harm. Tess finds herself at the confluence of forces she’s at a loss to explain, while coming to realize she possesses extraordinary powers.

The original single volume of ‘A Girl Between’ is re-released in two separate books: Part1 under the same title, and Part 2 under the new title ‘A Girl Beyond’. Readers of the original single volume should note that select chapters have been updated and new chapters added to enhance the story. The “War of the Witches” series will continue with two sequels planned for release in the not too distant future.

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