Like Cattle (The Feud Trilogy)

| March 29, 2018


A sacred law broken.

Hunters become prey.

No one is safe.

Nikolai Taurlum has killed the Emperor and escaped the walled city of Altryon. The Imperial Squadron is searching the forests outside the wall for the elusive fugitive.

But a Venator controls these lands. The mighty Venator have super powered senses and a set of iron clad rules.  Never kill for sport tops the list. When a member of the Imperial Hunting Squadron unknowingly kills a sacred deer, the hunters will face a far more dangerous enemy than even Nikolai Taurlum.

Like Cattle is a novella length prequel to the best selling Feud series.  Learn more about your favorite characters or find out why USA Today calls the series  “a crackling read.”


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