Sugar and Spice

| April 4, 2018


What could be easier than blogging for your teenage daughter?

Life was crazy enough, with running a construction company and raising three daughters. But Hank’s plate was about to overflow when his sixteen-year-old daughter, Sarah, comes down with mono. His wife, Clara, busy with her own career, ropes Hank into moonlighting for Sarah’s blog, Sugar and Spice. It’s a task any middle-aged man would run from with both feet tearing up the ground.

To make his life a little easier, Hank gets his best friend, Phil, to help him with the blog posts.
Between posting about first dates and self-esteem issues, to waxing and fake eyelashes, Hank and Phil explore firsthand what life as a teenage girl feels like.

But can Hank and Phil survive blogging? Or will the concerns and fears of teenage girls prove too much for these manly men.

This light-hearted novella makes for a quick and fun read.

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