Living Shadows

| September 17, 2013


Living Shadows

What are the limits of obsession?… Are there any barrier for somebody who is able to use his scientific knowledge to fulfill his dreams?… But sometimes dreams could become nightmares …

Thriller, mystery, romance, adventure and science in a vibrating story.
Two parallel stories that eventually converge. On one hand, the ascent to the Presidency of the US of a charismatic candidate.
On other hand, when investigating the suicides of two biotechnologists terminally ill, two FBI agents are involved in a dangerous plot, urging them to bring their research to the ends of the Earth. They will find a spine-chilling answer that could change forever the course of Humanity. Some ghosts of the past begin to emerge as well as the thin line that separates life from death, the ethical limits of scientific advances, the borders between dreams and obsessions, love and selfishness, and the convergence point between the passions, the miseries and the greatness of human being. An unparalelled story that arouses not only deep feelings but some disturbing questions.


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