| April 1, 2018


Jack Keller lives to make his parents proud, from excelling at childhood piano lessons to writing for the school paper and graduating with honors. Nearing the end of his college career, he meets Audrey, who fits nicely into his picture perfect future. As Audrey begins to deteriorate, Jack finds out how much he’s willing to sacrifice to save her.

Audrey Beck is starting over. Leaving her demons behind in England, she accepts a photography scholarship in New York City and moves in with the beautiful and brash, Ray. Life in the big city is an adventure, and a relationship with Jack is an added bonus. She’s happier than she’s ever been but wonders how long she can sustain it.

Ray Rossi is a party girl who hasn’t quite managed to grow up. Even though she’ll have a business degree from NYU, she has never seen herself as the “office” type. Most of her childhood was spent training to be a dancer, but that dream died when cancer took her mother five years ago. Still, ballet remains only thing she’s ever truly loved – except for maybe Flynn.

Flynn Conlon is good at two things: making paintings and bedding pretty girls. In his loft overlooking the Hudson, he’s cultivated a bachelor lifestyle that effectively masks the wounds of an old love affair and his secret addiction. But all of his hard work could be destroyed the moment that Ray inserts herself into his life.

Watermarked chronicles a year in the life of four twenty-something New Yorkers as they grapple with destiny and test the tenuous bonds of love and friendship.

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