To Catch the Rain

| April 2, 2018


To Catch the Rain: Inspiring stories of communities coming together to harvest their own rain, and how you can do it too

This book is for everyone, and is especially written for:

  • Community members: Get inspired and take action. Learn from others building their own systems around the world. The book is already being used to build inspired systems in Kenya, Tanzania, India, Mexico, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the US.
  • Makers: Find the DIY details ready to be adapted to your local and global projects. See how other makers solved their problems.
  • Teachers: Use this in your Middle School, High School, and University courses. Provides context for education and practical experience to back up math, science, and social curriculum. Includes problem-sets to reinforce the knowledge in the book.
  • Students: Rejoice in strong practical reasons to be learning. The real stories bring the math and technical details to life. The custom diagrams and pictures deepen the learning.
  • Practivistas: Expand the resilience and impact of the idea that, instead of telling people what not to do, we can build better systems that people want to do.
  • People looking for inspiration and follow-through.

To Catch the Rain includes project details and images from dozens of Appropedia contributors. The Appropedia Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to “sharing knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives.”  Up-to-date resource pages on Appropedia support each of the projects and resources in the book for long term follow-up. Some of the projects have been updated periodically online for over a decade! 

Thanks to a special arrangement with the publisher, Humboldt State Press, all of the net proceeds from sales will go back into the book and to the Appropedia Foundation. In addition, the content is licensed open source, as Creative Commons, so you can share it however you like!

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