THE LIGHT WE LOST: a gripping thriller

| April 3, 2018


University of Chicago final year planetology student Glory Carter is every guy’s dream. Her goddess looks, sexy figure and brains to go with it, makes all the guys’ heads turn, but she has yet to find the one and only true love. Eventually, Cupid’s Arrows strike and she nets an archaeologist, Adam Kennedy, but when he disappears during a top-secret trip to the Amazon, things startedgetting out of hand for Glory. Soon, her life is up in the air in more ways than you can imagine and with Adam seemingly gone… It’s not as simple as it sounds as there are many obstacles that Glory and Adam have to overcome including their love for each other. This is extremely difficult now that Glory is married to physicist Alan Falcon, after her ex-lover and father of her twins, Adam, has seemingly disappeared while searching for an artifact in the Amazon. Adam is back… with the artefact… and Glory is torn between her love for two men.
This is the first part(1) of the fascinating story of Glory Carter.

I hope this Romance/Thriller will bring readers as much pleasure as it did to me when writing it.


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