Enchanted by You: Timeswept Soulmates (Timeless Brides Book 3)

| April 3, 2018


Astronaut Sabine Taylor’s enjoying the rush of her first solo flight into space when things go awry. An odd woman suddenly appears in the shuttlecraft with her, a magical woman named Eve. Sabine is yanked from all she’s ever known and dumped in the middle of Texas 1850. Told by Eve to masquerade as a boy for her own protection, she gets to know her new handsome cowboy. His rugged good looks draw her like a magnet and the energy between them promises so much more!

Jack Noble isn’t looking for a relationship. His life in the saddle as a Texas Ranger has pulled him repeatedly from his home, giving him freedom to do what he wants. Open skies, adventure and honor are his lifeblood, until a bedraggled boy suddenly appears in the middle of nowhere asking to join him and his comrades. He is confused, bothered and mocked by the other Rangers at how tender and protective he is of the “boy” – until he finds out that he is a she!

Can Jack and Sabine find a way to overcome the differences between them? Or will a touch of magic have them completely enchanted by each other?

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