The Sinisters

| April 5, 2018


When you’re sixteen, just being a teenager is a full-time job. For a select few people, though, turning sixteen means finding out you’re part of a group called sinisters chosen to fight evil. These sinisters are given abilities to help them fight–including an ability to see the souls of the dead. Matt Reynolds is one of those select few.
Just after he turns sixteen, a stranger approaches him and gives him a choice: either join the fight and take up the cause against one of the most powerful men in his hometown, or lose his new abilities and forget he was ever special. When Matt reluctantly agrees to be a sinister, he finds himself embroiled in a battle to discover the man’s secrets. This only leads to more questions. What’s going on behind the doors of the man’s office? Is he even the bad guy here? And should you ever really trust the devil?
As the lines between good and evil begin to blur, will Matt’s new powers be enough to save him?

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