Slinging Hash with Deb ‘n’ Ash” Ooey Gooey Cheese Please

| April 5, 2018


If you like playing around in the kitchen, you will love this easy to follow recipe book. Contains cheesy recipes that will have the entire family cleaning their plates, even the pets will drool over any leftovers, (if there is any)! Deb ‘n’ Ash have a playful and humorous writing style that will have the chef of the house happy to cook.

About the authors:

Deb and Ash are a mother and daughter duo who have a passion for food and playing around in the kitchen. We love to get our hands dirty, goof around and create new recipes that our families will enjoy.

We take inspiration from our grandmothers, our children, our husbands, and the restaurants we enjoy eating in. We believe in making food fun and approachable. With that said, sometimes our recipes work and sometimes they don’t but one thing is for sure we ALWAYS have dessert.

Our recipes are created on the fly and driven by a craving, and a grumbling tummy for something yummy. One thing is certain, it has to be good and approved by our admiring cohorts. We decide what we want, write it as we cook it, and write it in our book.

We hope that you enjoy the recipes in our Slinging Hash with Deb ‘n’ Ash: Ooey, Gooey Cheese Please book. Our next book will be arriving soon, Slinging Hash with Deb ‘n’ Ash: Casseroles in Big Bowls! We will be adding books to our Slinging Hash with Deb ‘n’ Ash book series as quickly as we can kitchen test our creations and force feed them to our families and anyone we can bribe to participate including our pets. Keep your eye out for more fun and approachable recipe books that your entire family will love. We can’t wait to sling more hash with ya’ll!

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