How to Kick Writer’s Block in the @$%: The Ultimate NO B.S. Guide to Writing More, Procrastinating Less & Defeating Writer’s Block (for Frickin’ Good)

| April 7, 2018


Do you suffer from writer’s block? Got a writing idea rolling around your brain but not sure how to bring it to the surface?

Tried a bunch of writing exercises and creativity hacks to defeat writer’s block…but to no avail?

Well, struggle with writer’s block no more! Because in “How to Kick Writer’s Block in the @$%,” author Michael Rogan — himself a sufferer of a six-year bout of writer’s block – shares his simple, fun (no-stress) strategies for eliminating writer’s block…for good.

In the book he shares:

*How to Hack Your Brain for Maximum Awesomeness
*How to Tell Your Inner Critic to F&#@ Off
*How to Build a Distraction-Free Writer’s Cave
*How to Throat-Clear Your Way to Writing Mastery
*How to Become Addicted to Writing (Without Hardly Trying)

…and so much more!

And if you’ve been disappointed by vague, generic writer’s block tomes in the past — that serve such platitudes as “Keep the pen moving” and “There’s no such thing as writer’s block” – despair not! (This super-simple, humorous and conversational look at writer’s block will have you writing in no time…and even give you the skills to get yourself to form any habit you wish.)

So, give “How to Kick Writer’s Block in the @$%!” a chance. Your writing career – and your future storytelling awesomeness – depend on it!


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