Author interview with Arie Tamir of ‘I only Wanted to Live’

Author Interview with Arie Tamir

I love it when authors come back to to share their journey, and today Arie Tamir, who I chatted with back in early September 2016 is back to share a taste of his book ‘I Only Wanted To Live’ which documents his experiences of the Holocaust in World War II. Arie, with a year and a half more book marketing experience, what can you share with us about this book.           

These are my memoirs from my early childhood. Between the ages of 7 to 13, I struggled for my life. This book describes a human drama that involves decision-making in impossibly cruel circumstances, family relationships in the midst of a life and death struggle, relations between a father and his son, about resourcefulness, about the will to live and the struggle to survive.



Are these memoirs purely from your own experiences, or did you include additional experiences or people in the book from the experiences of others?

All my book is a life experience and all the people are real.



Looking back on these experiences and how you presented them in your book, what do you feel is the key element that you want to share with these readers?

That you are able to overcome any most difficulties in your life.



As you mentioned earlier these memoirs really are dealing with incredibly emotional and cruel events. Do you feel exhausted by the gravity of the topics, or energised by sharing your experiences?




Yes! I love an energised writer! Let’s see if we can generate more energy with some fun questions. What’s your response to the question, if money doesn’t grow on trees then why do banks have branches?

Because they try grow…



Indeed they do. Here’s a more technical question, can you cry underwater?




Interesting view. Can I get your view on your favourite word?

Be proud.



Combinations of words are just as good! Taking that idea of being proud, what line from your book gives you the most pride?

Try in any hard time to be an honest man.



What a wonderful piece of advice to share with the world. Arie, thanks so much sharing a taste of your journey with us today, and I hope that readers are inspired to pick up your novel and the advice to be an honest person.


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘I Only Wanted to Live ( ASIN: B00X2HRCNQ )‘.