Rain from Heaven

| April 8, 2018


What would you sacrifice to save the eternal soul of your enemy?

Dellan Whitcom has every reason to hate Eliat Rebysh, the man who has unleashed a deadly virus on the world. It has not only killed Dellan’s parents and friends but threatens all of mankind. Rebysh also controls the only vaccine that can save everyone from certain death.

God chooses Dellan to destroy this nefarious evil, and the young man is delighted with the opportunity to exact revenge. But the more he strays from God’s path of love, the more Dellan becomes like Rebysh, the object of his hatred. Before it is over, the life of the woman both men love hangs in the balance.

Only by making an extraordinary sacrifice will Dellan be able to destroy Rebysh’s evil and free the world from a heinous plot that enslaves the entire population.

“A gripping, well-written story of sacrificial love.”~~Amy Bennett, author of the Black Horse Campground Mystery series

“Avila weaves a tale of hope and redemption. The inspiring payoff literally gave me chills.” ~~Sierra Donovan, author of the Evergreen Lane series


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