Heart on the Land (The Tallowood Valley Series Book 1)

| April 9, 2018


He belonged on the land. She was a city girl at heart. Was it fair to ask her to stay?

Max Harper is a country boy at heart. Born on the land, he’s a fourth-generation farmer, with his family owning Winverall Station, a successful wheat and cattle property in rural New South Wales, Australia. When his father advertises for a new farmhand, Joanna Greaves was certainly not who he expected as his new colleague.

Joanna, aka “Jo”, easily adjusts to life on the land, and before long, Max finds himself falling in love with the carefree, vibrant beauty from the city.

When Max’s father becomes ill, Max finds himself working longer hours and taking on more responsibility on the farm. He struggles to find the balance between running the farm, caring for his father and being an attentive husband.

With Max working so hard, Jo soon realises that life on the land isn’t as much of an adventure as she hoped it would be, and makes a decision that will forever alter the course of their lives. Filled with many doubts, Max is left heartbroken and questioning his future.

Can Max move forward from Jo’s devastating decision? How can he face a future filled with fear and doubt? Will he blame God or learn to trust Him to guide his path?

Heart on the Land is a moving story of love, loss and faith.


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