Dragon’s Gap

| April 11, 2018



The Romantic World of Dragon’s Gap

Of adventure, romance, dragons, love and laughter, paranormal shifters, faeries, elves and other beings from fantasy but most of all, a place where dragons come to fall in love.

Join Sage and Reighn as they struggle to live in a world where magic has returned to Dragon’s Gap, where Shifters and Dragons have to learn to live together under the rule of the Elementals

Excerpts from Dragon’s Gap Book 1

The Dragon Lord watched as the little one went from cat to human to cat. “Come kitten, come to Reighn.” She shifted back to human and stuck her fist into her mouth, tears ran down her reddened cheeks, his deep soft voice stilled her movements. “Come here little hatchling, I won’t hurt you, all will be well, come on kitten, come to Reighn.”

“WHERE… IS… MY… DAUGHTER?” Sage demanded before the great doors made from the hardest ironwood that had withheld marauding armies with battering rams blew apart like kindling.

Reighn, the Dragon Lord has at last found his soul shadow, an improbability a half witch half wolf. Reighn grinned. “Good I am dragon, my heart, we live for improbabilities. I have lived a thousand years and thought to never have a shadow or hatchling, so I and my dragon are beyond pleased, we are forever in your debt and honored to be yours.”

Sage, saw the hole, saw the never-ending abyss and still she jumped feet first into love as a shifter, instinct drove her mating or at least the willingness to chance a mating, her witch side recognized power and felt the draw of spirits as they met, melded and entwined forever to be bonded together throughout eternity.


Reighn states his ultimatum to the stubborn Dragon Kind.


    • I am your Lord.


    • The Lord of all Dragons!


    • That has not changed.


    • I have already said this once this week but it bears repeating.




    • You have no voice here.


    • You have no rights here.


    • The only voice that matters is mine!


    • The only rights you have are the ones I allow you.


    • As of now, I have removed all your privileges.


    • You will comply or you will be banished.


    • There is no other option.


“You have twenty-four hours to decide. If in that time you have not sworn fealty to me and the dragon nation I will decide for you.
Make no mistake, this is going to happen. With or without you.
Now I suggest you go home and make your decisions.

A shifter dressed in jeans and a long-sleeved shirt open to the waist showing a well-muscled chest and six pack with dark unwashed hair squatted on the deck of a mansion or what had been one once. He looked at John from eyes gone dark, his beast riding just under the surface of his skin, his voice, when he spoke, was low and guttural.
“What do you want here dragon?”
“I come to find the uncle to our Dragon Lord’s mate, Sage, witch, shifter, half-breed.”
“I am he, what do you want of me?”
“I want you to call your bitch of a niece here, so I may end this once and for all.’
Robard laughed deeply and just a shade of insanity seeped through. “You think to use me for your own purposes against my own kin?” he laughed harder and rose to his great height as four shifters entered the yard.
“Behold what is left of my pack, ask the Alpha whore and her bitches if they will help you, I will not!”


A memorable introduction to Dragon’s Gap, the first book of this epic series with vibrant characters from the dark side and the light side with twists and turns that will keep you wanting to return here book after book.

Visit the author’s site to find out when the next book is being released in this current Dragon’s Gap series and future romance books.
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