Lottie’s Dilemma: Sweet, Clean, Mail Order Bride Western Historical Romance

| April 10, 2018


Lottie Williams has been raised by her aunt and uncle after her family was killed by an Indian attack on their ranch. Dreams about the brutal attack continue to plague her nights.

Lottie works for her aunt and uncle in their mercantile store. Lomax Evergreen, their ruthless landlord, tricks Lottie into agreeing to marry an unknown man from Minnesota in order to save her relatives from ruin.

As Lottie travels out West with Lomax, she is lulled into a false sense of security by his kindly nature. However, is he really the man she sees or are there further hidden depths of depravity she is yet to uncover?

When she finally discovers who he intends her to marry, Lottie cannot believe he could possibly ask this of her, not with her past, it really is too much for Lottie to cope with.

With no one she can turn to and stranded all this way from home what can Lottie do?

Is Lottie doomed to accept her fate or will the Good Lord have other plans, plans for a hope and a future…


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