Crazy Charlie: A Short Sequel to My Nightmare in the Jungle

| April 10, 2018


This work is a short story sequel to My Nightmare in the Jungle, also on sale at Amazon, and explores some events shortly after the adventures of John and Jen Shaw’s perilous trek through the Amazon living in the small tribal village of Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira, along the shore of the Negro river in the state of Amazonia in Brazil in 1978.
Jen elects to teach some of the women in the village her devastating skills with some surprising results, and has too play chaperone for her younger sister when she comes down for a visit, who we find did the same for Jen years earlier.
This is a story that fans of the BB genre will appreciate, with the sometimes deadly art featuring prominently throughout, as it does in the previous book, and with our beautiful heroines sometimes finding it necessary to do terrible things.

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