It’s… Kind… of Magic: Book one of four of Magical Modernity

| April 12, 2018


In another dimension there is a world analogous to our own. In this parallel land, elves, dwarves, goblins, and halflings live just like you do, in mind-numbing tedium, desperate to make it though the working week and blow their wages on drugs, fags, and booze.

Once upon a time, magic, in harmony with Mother Nature, powered the land until technology arrived with WiFi, flat-screen TVs, and instantly downloadable hardcore German megaporn in ultra-high definition.

But technology comes at a price. The icecaps melt, the forests disappear, and reality TV dominates. The end of the world is near and a hero is needed….

Dan Smith, a nerd of the highest order, isn’t convinced he’s the Chosen One, nor is anyone else except one man—the mighty Gambledolf.

The ancient wizard assembles a merry bunch of adventurers to accompany Dan on a mighty quest: an elf from the trees, a dwarf from the hills, and a centaur from a field. They adventure to the North to retrieve the Lost Sword of the Fairy King, a catalyst of magic that can reverse global warming and save the world.

All that stands in their way are the forces of evil, for there’s likely a dark lord involved.

There usually is.

It’s…Kind…of Magic starts a new series from Amazon bestselling author M. J. Jackman, author of The Sid Tillsley Chronicles!


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