| April 13, 2018


A woman under the protection of a secret network dies a monstrous death. Will Samantha Brooks unravel the ugly truth before another brutal murder is committed?


Through a clandestine network set up by her brother, Samantha Brooks helps victims of abuse vanish without a trace. Settling into the quiet Wisconsin town of Clanwallace, she starts up a new chapter of the network. Everything is on track as she begins to expand the network and identify victims of abuse. When one of her rescues is found brutally murdered, she covertly inserts herself into the center of the investigation. Armed with just a few clues, she relentlessly digs for the truth only to be entangled in the web of secrets shrouding the network. Secrets that are darker and more sinister than anything she could’ve imagined. Can Samantha put an end to the barbarity?

Samantha Brooks Thrillers

Samantha Brooks – with the help of Police Chief Harley Crouch – stops at nothing to bring down criminals targeting the small town of Clanwallace in Wisconsin.


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