The Deftly Paradox

| April 13, 2018


Humanity has been ruled by a machine for five hundred years.

Today it ordered their annihilation.

At the close of a devastating war, humanity’s interplanetary senate acquiesced themselves to be governed by a thinking machine, their first and greatest product of artificial intelligence. Unbound from the sensations of human fragility and uncorrupted by the human lust for power, their new thinking machine, the OSIRIS, ruled the galaxy through centuries of peace and untold prosperity.

Five hundred years later, the OSIRIS has done the unthinkable: order the annihilation of one of the most populous planets in the empire. With the fleet on approach and ready to do the bidding of their callous master, the task falls to the OSIRIS’s technicians to find the source of the command, warn the wayward planet of their impending doom, and stop the most dangerous force in the galaxy before they unquestioningly quench the lives of millions.

But is every step towards the truth just another move in the OSIRIS’s greater scheme?

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