The Dandelions

| April 15, 2018


Have you ever had a crush on a celebrity? Haven’t we all? But what if a celebrity had a crush on you? How about two celebrities, who were best friends…who are brothers? Annie Koller’s simple life was tossed in turmoil in a triangle of love, deception, and a bitter brotherly battle which left Annie wishing she had never met the famous Sherry brothers.

Annie inhaled what she thought would be her last breath as the six-inch blade slid beneath her quivering chin. Her fingers held tightly to the sweaty arm of her assailant as combination of Clearasil and body odor sickened her. The beating of his heart pounded violently against her back, while the tears of her torment streamed her reddened face, blurring her vision and clouding the sight of the man willing to save her.

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