Angels of Vengeance: The Furies, Book 1

| April 14, 2018


Book one of The Furies trilogy.

The Furies: motorcycle riding Goddesses of revenge, who catch and kill those who’ve murdered and have escaped detection.

While tracking a sadistic serial killer, Detective Dan Lanahan encounters the Furies and discovers that a demon possesses the killer. A demon hell-bent on triggering Armageddon.

The demon Sorath, the Biblical Beast, 666, who’s managed to escape Hades’ prison and has possessed a serial killer, who sacrifices Dan’s gorgeous niece in a demonically bloody manner: Tied to a tree with mysterious symbols carved in her face and torso.

When one Fury decides Dan would make the perfect consort, while the other two go after the killer Dan is tracking, Dan is now thrust into the middle of an ages old feud between the trio and a primordial demon out for revenge.


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