The Guardian Collection

| April 15, 2018


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Chance? Or Providence? Tragedies, strange transformations, and life-changing decisions bring together an unlikely group of heroes. Together, they risk it all to hold off the prophesied, ultimate evil as long as possible.

Karen Lane Richardson has been relentlessly hunted for decades. Jason Matthews must learn why “Five Score and Ten” — FSAT – made her the strongest, smartest person on earth, but killed others. He will give anything… sacrifice anyone… to recapture her and continue his “testing.”

Roger Brannon, a paraplegic former pilot, must air-launch Guardian, an experimental, hypersonic interceptor and destroy an incoming nuclear warhead. The warhead is meant to instigate a crisis and usher in One World Peace Now. The intercept fails, but a last, desperate plan? Roger and Guardian are strangely transformed. Forever.

Karen and Roger. An unlikely U.S. President and his wife. An Army General. A retired Marine. Young engineers in love. All surrounded by conspiracy, deception, and intrigue. Secret international players and forces, committed to the fall of the United States and creation of a One World Government.

If you like near-future SciFi, combining today’s headlines with Biblical prophecy, you’ll love The Guardian Collection. This novel presents the first five novellas of the thought-provoking series, “End of the Sixth Age.”

Buy The Guardian Collection, and start looking at world events from a new perspective. 

The days are dark, and time is running out.

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