The Illegal Gardener (The Greek Village Series Book 1)

| September 19, 2013


The Illegal Gardener (The Greek Village Series Book 1)

‘Sara Alexi weaves an entrancing story of the burgeoning relationship that develops between two people from very different backgrounds and cultures, an English woman living in Greece and the Pakistani illegal immigrant who becomes her gardener and house boy. Each comes with their own problems, their own past baggage, and she explores these with sympathy and understanding as well as the many nuances of the differences in cultures as they become more and more dependent on each other.’


  • ‘A really intelligent, moving book.’
  • ‘Sensitive with beautifully crafted characters that you really cared about.’
  • ‘The Illegal Gardener’ is a story of betrayal, love, trust and friendship. Not a romance but perhaps a lesson in life on just how young minds can be damaged by spite or thoughtlessness, and how those same minds can be repaired by true friends.’
  • ‘I was captivated from the start unable to put the book down.’
  • ‘The Illegal Gardener’ is a delightful story, filled not only with love of Greece but a deep understanding of the varieties of love which can bring people together.’
  • ‘reminiscent of Remains of the Day.’
  • ‘The author has huge potential and if she keeps writing and developing like this then I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see her name on a future Man Booker list!’
  • ‘A good tale well told. Shades of Stienbeck and Bradbury.’
  • ‘A most charming and sensitive book.’

The Illegal Gardener is Book One in The Greek Village series.

  • Book Two: Black Butterflies
  • Book Three: The Explosive Nature of Friendship
  • Book Four: The Gypsy’s Dream
  • Book Five: The Art of Becoming Homeless

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