Short Stories for Teenagers

| April 18, 2018


Short Stories for Teenagers is a collection of six short stories about six different teenagers who are trying to survive dating and relationships:

Story #1: Prom Date from Hell
Pamela – Will she survive her date with a stranger?

Story #2: A Baby’s Cry
Rachel – She is determined to go to the prom and won’t let anything get in her way, not even a baby.

Story #3: Making Out or Making Friends?
Ryan – He finally got a date with one of the most popular girls in school, but will she give him what he’s expecting to get from her?

Story #4: Best Friend or Boyfriend?
Andrea – People keep talking about her and Jerry which is making her feel very uncomfortable. Should she sacrifice her friendship to end the gossip?

Story #5: Get Another Boyfriend
Judy – Bob bosses her around and treats her like dirt. Should she stay with him or find someone new?

Story #6: The Other Guy
Whitney – Jerome has been taking her for granted and she’s sick of it. She found someone else who treats her better, but will it last?

Find out what happens to these six teenagers in these amazing short stories.

Short stories fiction, suitable for teenagers and young adults ages 13+


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