Rebellion: I, Dragon Book 2

| April 18, 2018


Simon was cursed into the body of a dragon. That was twelve years ago.
Now, the king wants him dead. The queen wants him…period.

Simon Morgenwraithe was heir to the throne. His mother’s curse left him to grow up in exile. At the age of eighteen Simon has assembled an unlikely group of friends. He will need to add many more to stop the spread of evil throughout the land.

Simon’s younger brother became king in his stead. Until Lucien comes of age, their wicked uncle is the real power behind the throne. Lord Sterling Morgenwraithe rules with terror and an iron fist.
One thing stands between Sterling and absolute power—the return of the rightful king. Sterling’s attempts to kill the dragon have failed.
Until now.

A mercenary has arrived on the shores of Islemar—a powerful wizard who wears a necklace made from the teeth of twenty dead dragons.

With time running out, the allies hope to increase their numbers with a journey into the mysterious Southlands.
But their numbers are few and their plans are coming apart.

The heart of the rebellion beats strong but they cannot stand against the might and magic of the kingdom.
Unless they find might and magic of their own…

Contains a sneak peek of I, Dragon Book 3, coming Summer 2017!


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