Jihad Behind The Blue Door

| April 19, 2018


Against the backdrop of a chaotic world three young men seek answers. The voice from the spinneret and the teaching of their Imams fill their minds with Jihad (struggle). But not all Jihad finds its way onto the evening news. The Blue door is a spiritual journey winding its way through the streets of a Middle Eastern souk and trying to find its place in the world.

Yusuf, Omar, and Bassar find themselves caught up in a world of excitement and confusion, and each follow a different path. “Three Jihads,” the Imam said, “Wage the war in your heart, let it shape your culture, and when necessary let it wage against the kafir.” Yet, the Blue door calls them to step beyond what they know to follow a more difficult path, a path that will lead their Jihad to a whole new level.


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