Rainbow Macarons: Delicious Macarons Recipes From the Heart + 10 Desserts Recipes with Macarons

| April 19, 2018


Aleksa Wattles is a wife, rock music fan, mother and baking enthusiast. Because she knows just what a difference great baking can make in anyone’s life, she has worked hard to guide others toward their ultimate baking potential.

Perhaps singularly among all baking recipes, however, her recipes for macarons tend to stand out. Macarons are after all rather one of a kind among desserts to begin with, and no one knows macarons quite like Aleksa does.

Starting out with a few macaron recipes at home, she learned through trial and error, each time getting closer to macaron mastery. Eventually, she was able to compile enough world-class recipes to fill Rainbow Macarons: Delicious Macarons Recipes From the Heart + 10 Desserts Recipes with Macarons, the book that guides you from novice to true macaron expert. Whatever your current skill level is, you will find something to thrill you in Rainbow Macarons, the only book about macarons you will ever have to read.

Valuing her family’s health and her own health immensely, Aleksa has created recipes that you can whip up and some of them are gluten-free. All the macarons recipes in this book are based on either traditional American baking principles, or special baking principles.

Rainbow Macarons will impress you with the amazing photos of macarons and other desserts. Each recipe is supported with a outstanding photo, which will help you to achieve the result no matter if you are a beginner or a skilled master.

Get ready to see macarons from another angle, to learn what truly excellent macarons taste, look, and feel like. At the end of this book, you will be a macaron master among masters, as exceptional among bakers as the macaron is itself among desserts!


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