The City of the Zol

| April 19, 2018


What if everyone suddenly became a zombie? This is the story of a zombie infection in the coastal city of Eagles and its terrifying expansion before the astonished gaze of all, including the security corps. The priest of the City, Father Martin is the bearer of a zombie virus and is obsessed with that is the best route to take for salvation. In the meantime the panic is unleashed throughout the city and the walkers are advancing. A small group fortified in the Castle of San Juan de las Águilas, will be the only survivors for the moment and among them there are disputes to settle.
Several Civil Guard helicopters flew overhead from Eagle to Tail, since it was quarantined. Down below I was expecting a horde of zombies wandering around in search of human flesh …

This is the next installment of “Infected, Prelude” and “Infected, Beginning”

Complete revision of the work, corrected by the writer and corrector Wonder López
Translated by Cain Pryior


I grew up and started writing upon being heavily influenced by the master of terror and drama, Stephen King. I am the author of his first biography as a writer. Furthermore, I have written an anthology based on a box that I had found that allegedly belonged to his father, who was also a writer. Now, I have dedicated my time to writing books of terror, suspense, and thrillers. In Amazon, I have already published my books, ‘The Beginnings of Stephen King’, ‘Stephen King’s Box’, ‘Tom’s Story’, ‘Infected’ a saga about zombies, ‘Midnight Fear’, ‘All Your Life at Your Side,’ ‘Arnie’, ‘Truck cemetery’, ‘Seven Books, Seven Sins’, ‘Bonmati’s House’, and ‘The guardian of the castle’, but these are not the only ones that I intend to publish this year.


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