The Halls of the Shadowmancer: An Alex Varia Tale (Grim Dark Scifi, Cosmic Horror) (The Chronicles of Alex Varia – Space Adventures of a Renegade Space Marine Recon Scout Book 1)

| April 19, 2018


Alex Varia is a Recon Marine Scout and a recent defector of the United Earth Alliance

While fleeing to the outer colonies in a stolen UEA ship, Varia runs into trouble when his forsaken military pursues him to a small, insignificant star system and disables his vessel, leaving the wayward marine without thrusters! Now, to repair the ship, Varia must descend to a barren planet to locate a trace signal of the rare mineral he needs, buried deep within an abandoned alien mining facility.

But when the planet’s single life sign turns out to be a mysterious, creepy hermit who declares himself to be a shadowmancer–a dark sorcerer who worships a terrible, ancient god and controls the darkness of the ruined compound–will Varia be able to find what he needs and get out alive without succumbing to the strange man’s evil plans?

This is a dark and grim sci-fi story (with bad language) from the dystopian future of the United Earth Alliance, following the renegade Corporal Alex Varia through his space adventures on the run. If you like guns, survival crafting, dark, bizarre situations inspired by Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror, and space marine fiction, check this out today!


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