The Plainness of My Fall (New Short Stories Collection Book 1)

| April 21, 2018


Canadian author, Janice Garden Macdonald offers you six tales that will keep you guessing until the end.
WALRUS IN A GLASS CAGE—An Inuit girl conjures up a magical formula to rid herself of the evil stone statue that has taken up residence in her home.
SNOW DAY—A woman realizes too late that the body upstairs in her bedroom is not who she thinks it is.
THE PLAINNESS OF MY FALL—Life slips by in a second in this Zoetrope All Story Award winning tale, judged first place by Joyce Carol Oates.
WHY WASTE GOOD BEER? –A death-pact with a loved one has a surprising end.
THE BIRDHOUSE—When a senior citizen is unwillingly moved from her apartment, more than a few feathers are ruffled.
THE METAMORPH—A young boy throws away a lucky medallion that he later suspects has special powers.


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