MacCallister’s War

| September 19, 2013


MacCallister's War

1856: Spirit Lake, Iowa is a Powder Keg Waiting for a Spark.

As the world explodes around them, Mac and Sadie must find a way to survive.

Samuel “Mac” MacCallister returns to his Lake Okoboji, Iowa cabin to find a stranger and her two young sons squatting on his property. Mac is not happy, but his infant daughter needs a caretaker and Sadie is as good a choice as any until she and her children can join the next wagon train west.

As they hunker down for the winter, Mac and Sadie have no idea that a renegade band of Sioux are bent on revenge. The Sioux have been degraded, lied to, and slowly watched as their way of life disintegrated. Someone must pay.

The fates of two very different families, each hoping to survive, will collide in this based on a true story event.

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