Red Herrings Can’t Swim (Nod Blake Mysteries Book 2)

| April 23, 2018


A drowned man. A sinister circus. And murder… murder… murder.

Nod Blake, the cynical wise-cracking private eye is back. He’s an aging throwback to a bygone era of detecting on the mean streets; a dinosaur of a private eye who never got the memo he was extinct. And thanks to his over-eager secretary, he’s been dumped in the midst of murder most foul.

Blake is psychically besieged by victims begging him from beyond the grave to solve their murders. In the real world, he’s flummoxed by vandals, anonymous threats to his life, Three Rings of wildly raucous suspects – and hounded by a homicide detective happy to pin the killings on him.

It’s an all new murder mystery, with a sly sense of humor, set in 1979 Chicago where a maniacal killer running loose under the Big Top on Navy Pier… is the good news.

Contains grim murder and outrageous laughs, peppered with adult themes and language.


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