Even Kids Can Make Money

| September 20, 2013


Even Kids Can Make Money

START EARLY on the road to success! With over 35 different unique ways of making money, even children as young as 10 can earn an income and grow a business.

The book outlines a description of a product or service a young person can provide, the start up costs, resources and/or equipment needed, market research and a marketing plan to get and keep customers.

Success at a young age increases the chances of success as you grow older. This indispensable resource will give your child ideas, resources and an outline of how to start their own business.

Written by a successful home school mother with her then 10 year-old son, this resource will give you and your child many potential business ideas that you can grow to fund bank accounts and college funds.

Gail Trahd is the mother of four children, 2 of whom are now successfully completing their college education.


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