Author interview with Lorana L Hoopes of ‘A Past Forgiven’

Author Interview with Lorana Hoopes

Jess has been abused in her past and now uses intimacy to feel in control. At college, she meets Chad, who lost his faith when his brother was killed. The two have an instant attraction, but when Jess finds faith, will it destroy her relationship with Chad or will he find peace and return to God?



Will Chad and Jess be able to move beyond what lies in their past to a future of peace? To explore the future of their faith, I’ve managed to snag a few minutes of time from to chat with the author of ‘A Past Forgiven’, Lorana L Hoopes. Lorana, we last caught up in February to chat about ‘Love Conquers All’, so it’s wonderful to see you back to share another romance with our avid readers. And I for one, am very keen to hear all about today’s novel, so can you take us back in time to its genesis?

This was originally a part of When Hearts Collide, but I felt strongly that Jess needed her story fleshed out more, so I separated it and brought her and Chad to life.



Did you use any tales from your own life to flesh out or bring a touch of reality to the lives of Chad and Jess?

Haha, I used to love The Highlander, but I ended up having to explain my allusion because my BETA readers had never heard of it.



*Laughs* I’ve never found the time to get into The Highlander either so I’ll have to join your BETA readers! Other than sneaking references from The Highlander into your work, was there a central idea that you hope readers really take from ‘A Past Forgiven’?

This is a redemptive fiction book. Christians are human like everyone else. We make mistakes, but we have a loving father who will forgive us if we ask.



I love that you really focus on the humanity of your characters throughout your fiction. The astute readers out there would have picked up that earlier in the interview we mentioned that this book follows on from another of yours, so I’m curious to find out the tale that you’ve continuing with today. What can you share with us at this pre-published stage?

I am currently working on Lawfully Redeemed, my third book in the Lawkeepers series and the first contemporary one.



Congratulations for taking the challenge to move to the contemporary era. I’m sure you’ll do it justice! By taking on this new challenge, I’m sure at some stage you took a few minutes to look back and see where your writing has come from. Do you personally feel that your writing and voice has progressed?

I think it’s gotten better. I went back over my first three books and revised them.



After revisiting this works, do you feel that you’re still being energised by writing as you were back then? Or has it become more exhausting as time has continued to move forward?

I’m usually energized, but as I rarely get to write before 9 at night, sometimes it tires me.



I hope that I haven’t taken too much of your energy today as I wouldn’t want to prevent you from writing tonight. Lorana, I think our super short chat is up for today, but thanks for taking those few minutes to share ‘A Past Forgiven’ with us along with that little taste of new works to come!


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘A Past Forgiven ( ASIN: B079P7QYY9 )‘.

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